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Migraine Relief Wrap is the perfect way to combat chronic migraines and headaches.

Doubling as a mask and cap it applies an adjustable, cooling pressure that gives immediate pain relief when you need it most.

Features & Benefits

  • Relives Headaches
  • Reduce Stress
  • Puts you in relaxation mode
  • Sleep batter at night
  • Start your day full of energy

Compress Hood adopts the elastic compression of double sutures to make it suitable for every face, head, and eye.

It is safe for daily use and can be frozen when a migraine occurs.



Drug-Free-Keep your body healthy

Overuse of sympotic medications can cause more frequent headaches or worsen headaches symptoms.

Studies have shown that natural pain relief can improve everything from vascular function to mental health.

One Piece Mask

This sleep mask provides full, cold-pressed coverage of your head and can be easily adjusted for a perfect and personalized fit.

Its soft gel design doesn't put uncomfortable pressure on specific areas like hard ice pack inserts.

This stretchable all-in-one flexible headache eye mask allows you to lie comfortably in bed or on the couch.


360° Natural Cooling 

Effective headache relief and comprehensive cold pressure can quickly relieve chronic migraines, help puffy eyes, tension, and sinuses, and reduce stress and inflammation.

How To Use

  • Heat in Microwave oven for 10 seconds or freeze for 20 minutes in the freezer. ( Note: Pay attention to adjust the appropriate temperature)
  • Wear your hat for 5-20 minutes depending upon your headache severity.
  • Enjoy immediate relief and your pain-free day.

Heat For tension-type headache sufferers

  • Heat increases blood flow
  • Relaxes tense muscles
  • Increase oxygen proteins and other nutrients to the area in the pain.


Cold For chronic Migraine Suferness

  • Cold constricts blood flow
  • Reduce neurotransmission of pain in the brain
  • Experience 4 different feelings in  the particular order


Cold Pressure to Relieve Migraine

  • The unique frustum shape design of the Headache Relief Migraine Hat is perfect for heads.
  • The inside is made of gel material. The inner non-slip and skin-friendly fabric prevents the ice pack from slipping off the head, exerts pressure on the head and temples, and quickly fixes the migraine ice headgear in place, thereby helping to relieve migraines and headaches.

Eco-Friendly Material

  • It uses an eco-friendly moderate stretch fabric made from gelatus which provides long-lasting performance
  • Size: 21.5*16.5*1cm

Packed Include

  • 1 * Thermax Compressed Headache - Migraine Relief Cap


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